Worried about your privacy?  So are we! 

We have designed FridgeNality with privacy at the heart of every action. Privacy settings are built within multiple levels, that you control.  We also want privacy settings to be easy to understand and to use. 

FridgeNality is personalized by you, through a process of options designed to nurture and support, trust with the brands you have selected. The information you choose to share will enable selected brands to know you better.  Understanding your needs and busy lifestyle will help those brands to connect with you, offering tailored messages and relevant content.

More Control...Less Confusion.... 

The personal data ecosystem will be built giving complete control  to users. Users will tier, select and manage branded connections, brands they want to hear from. Users will opt-in to allow select-levels of information to be captured and shared exclusively with those selected brands.  Users will also manage how they share information with other selected connections such as friends and media. 


Privacy – Users will have complete control over their personal information.

The goal of FridgeNality is to create conditions that allow users to expect extremely relevant content and messages in exchange for levels of privacy.  FridgeNality users will consider privacy as an investment, a privestment that will have a welcome return…more relevant information.   

[Patent excerpt] 

[201- 202] User – Selects privacy features during the registration process.  Users have the ability to update or make changes to their privacy settings at any time.

[203] Users are served three (3) layers of privacy settings to select from. Each layer reflects specific privacy choices for each tier of brand connections. The selection of a “Total Privacy” option will prompt FridgeNality to block all advertising content and the collection of data.