"Using technology to deliver meaningful messages and offers that improve people's lives."


Strong Connections...Continuous Learning

Brands need to move closer to consumers and to create loyal connections. Even more important...Brands must have the ability to create messages that people will find useful, and worth sharing with friends. 

The Connected Brand must have the ability to listen. The term trialogue suggests that messages and content are created from what is known about the people you are connected with, shared interests and how they interact. This is more than influence. Insight is built on affinity and across a number of factors. 

What's next: Consider mobile, wearables and the importance of location based communication. The ability to conduct a rapid analysis, and offer real-time response will support a competitive advantage.

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Moving Closer To Consumers... 

Users decide which brands are worth a connection. 

FridgeNality offers the ability for brands to connect with consumers on an individual level. This solution redefines what marketing will look like in the future, by creating an environment that enables a resourceful experience and relevant communication.

Defining value through connections...not just dollars

FridgeNality offers a platform for brands, who want to connect with their most valued consumers. Typically brands define the consumers who they think are valuable. But within FridgeNality, consumers define themselves as valuable to the brand first, by selecting and tiering them as a favorite brand. 

The idea of value is now determined by consumers who have opted-in to connect with your brand and by affinity (consumers that are likely to share your content). FridgeNality will use data to support brand/consumer relationships based on the information consumers want  to share with their favorite (selected/tiered) brands.


 Every connection offers brands the opportunity to learn, and then to interact with users (that have selected brands as tier one) to respond with relevant messages and content. 

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Data defined through interaction, affinity and personalization

While extending the brand message, each experience will collect levels of contextually rich opt-in data. Real-time analytics will help brands to formulate the best message, or offer, at the right time.  Our proprietary, user-centric environment will allow for enhanced data recovery and efficient processes. Marketers will have the added value of functional reporting and useful direction, derived from large volumes of data from sources inside and outside FridgeNality.