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These technology trends are very worthy of our attention and focus. 

via Gartner. 

Our approach to development and design follow perfectly within Gartner's predictions.

Trend No. 2: Intelligent Apps and Analytics

Intelligent apps create smart connections and the conditions for systems to responsibly engage with people. These informed messages offer relevance, and support continuous learning. 

Trend No. 4: Digital Twins

By 2020 an estimated 21 billion connected sensors and endpoints , digital twins will exist for billions of things in the near future. This will require a smart way to control and manage the things that get our attention first.  

Trend No. 6: Conversational Platforms

 As systems are able to understand our intent, they will also require a way to know with certainty, what really matters to us. 




The Now of Customer Experience: Thoughts from #AWNewYork

When we designed FridgeNality we knew that we were designing for the future of advertising...years out. The discussions at Advertising Week, New York have made it clear, advertising has evolved.

Shifting from product-driven, device-focused messaging to people-based experiences is not going to be easy, but it is essential for future growth. Brands have to be mindful and accountable for brand integrity. Data and insights must be at the front of every single decision. Yes, the future of commerce is connected.

If messages are intrusive, if they only seek to interrupt and hit-targets, growth is not only limited, but  a reversal of audience health and attention is likely. When brands just market to consumers, they are likely to be silenced by ad-blockers and our ability to click "hide". This scenario offers competitive brands an entry-point, a chance for them to position truly relevant messages that solve problems or enable experiences within an absolute native manner.

FridgeNality offers people the ability to control what they see first. It considers the importance of permission based connections. Smart-connections that support loyalty and enable brands to know more about their customers. From here brands can respond suitably to messages, and voice search with exactly what people are looking for, and proactively engage with “hero”  and helpful moments.

Worth a few minutes:

Advertising Week – New York

The future is about what people want!  

At Advertising Week, Anxiety Lurks Among the Agencies: The biggest ad companies are coping with slowing growth, tech transformation and budget-conscious clients @WSJ

The digital ad industry is officially out of ideas via  @businessinsider




How do you manage all of your #notifications?

With 1.82 billion of us using apps like Facebook Messenger and WeChat, the future of push notification is amazing. eMarketer explored messaging on a global scale and concludes, "Messaging app users worldwide are still growing at a significant rate".  This leads us to ask, just  how will YOU manage all of the people and things that need your attention?

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Mary Meeker's 2017 internet trends

I've come to think of Mary Meeker's trends reports as my yearly report card.

Yesterday, I had a look back at the trend reports I was writing ten years ago. I always approach trend reports with a five to ten year view.  While I was thrilled to see that I was able to get some things right, I was equally humbled to see that some of the assumptions I had made for the next 5 years, were just a bit off.  For the most part, consumer adoption of technology was much slower than I anticipated, but now I see the pace becoming far more accelerated than I had imagined. As marketers, our ability to adapt to change becomes an essential skill that is never mastered.

Enjoy the report and embrace the chaos...change!




Attribution is important, so let's get the experience right.

We spend our time thinking about how to get the experience right.  Customer experience at every touch-point leads to a more trustable connection. In an age when relevance is enabled by data, why would marketing still be challenged to simply do the right thing?

A must read...

Google Following Your Offline Credit Card Spending To Tell Advertisers If Their Ads Work

"Attribution is important to businesses, because marketing costs money. Businesses are willing to spend some money on advertising and outreach — but only if they see it translate into a return."