Follow this recipe to manage all of your connections, and get more from the brands you love.

  • Add features that help you organize your life
  • Add favorite news, weather and media
  • Add your favorite sports teams
  • Then mix in a few brands to spice-it-up

Our favorite brands already know a lot about us, but they still talk to us like strangers. Sometimes, their messages feel more like spam or clutter.

FridgeNality allows you to choose the brands you want to hear from, and then decide how much information you want to share with them.

In return for your "Privestment" (privacy investment), your favorite brands will be able to create personalized messages, and offers, that you could really use. Service and support will be less of a run-around, and as-often-as possible, your ideas for improvements will be heard.  

We think brands should make you  the hero!

Messages from the brands you trust have to be valuable and possibly something you will want to share with your friends. Affinity is the term that describes interests that you share with your friends.  When you choose to allow your favorite brands to know what interests you share with your friends, the brand will be able to develop very specific offers for you to share.

We keep it simple!

At any time you can remove a brand, or all brands. 

You can remove a brand from your favorites or select no brands and no ads.

Managing Mobile... 

For All of That Connectedness...

We are becoming more reliant on our wearables and mobile devices to keep us aware.   In the age of IoT (Internet of things) our connected devices also require our attention. You can include alerts from healthcare monitoring systems, organizational tools, media and things.  You choose the options you need  to stay informed.

Dear big brands, please do not get upset with us for sharing your logos...just a concept.