A Bit About Us...

John Lawrence | John’s work supports the idea of collaborative business and co-creation, furthering the ability of People to play a stronger role in influencing brand performance. He has more than30 Years of management experience including operations, sales and marketing. John has been responsible for developing and executing multimillion dollar budgets for luxury hotels and country clubs.  Management experience includes levels of 150+ employees, as well as vendors and services, while overseeing operations within profitable guidelines.

Deanna LawrenceDeanna embraces new technologies, new practices and new ideas with a contagious enthusiasm. She has been instrumental in developing real-time strategies, propelling global innovation and defining integrated solutions. Deanna’s experience includes Fortune 500 companies (e.g. Coca-Cola, P&G, automotive brands and more), and data-driven strategy for startups.

Her approach monitoring trends, influencing global research, providing analysis and reporting, offers clients a better understanding of consumers and their ever-evolving adoption of new media.

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