Driven by you, not algorithms

The Idea: A screen-time solution that helps you manage all of your connections and notifications. 

Be mindful of who and what matters most, from family and friends on social media to your calendar and favorite brands. Manage your life and save time by seeing only the notifications you care about.

Special thanks to the brilliant  students at Columbus Torah Academy for sharing their very special stories.

Mobile Concept

Mobile Concept

FridgeNality wants to help you keep track of what's important, the people you care about, and the things you want to remember. 

How? By filtering out all-of-the noise. Just like the fridge at home, FridgeNality will make sure you see what is most important! It will actually prioritize your attention and help you to be mindful of the people, and the moments that really matter.  

This is how it works:

Pick your friends, then the social channels you prefer to connect with them on. Twitter and SnapChat for one friend, Facebook and Instagram for another. One channel or ten, it's up to you. You control what you see or you can ask FridgeNality for suggestions based on how you use it.

No more going from app-to-app scrolling through timelines. Just a quick look at what you might otherwise have missed.

 Then...manage media and all of those things (IoT) that want your attention. Icing...only connect with brands you choose and receive offers that are worth your attention. 

FridgeNality's filters help you to focus on the People and things you really care about...

Only the most important moments... Messages from the people and things you select, funnel through FridgeNality!

Only the most important moments... Messages from the people and things you select, funnel through FridgeNality!


"Filter out noisy messages/alerts that just don't matter"...Brian

"Spend more time enjoying great social moments and less time searching for them" ...Maggie

Filter through the annoying stuff...

Profile expanded view. See activity from your favorite people, only on the channels you care about.

Why?  Think of the last time you opened your mobile after being in airplane-mode or away for several hours... 

FridgeNality gives you an immediate view what you have missed.

Get to the posts and alerts that are important without the task of scrolling through timelines and across multiple platforms.  See activity from the people or things you want to hear from first.

It works by focusing on what you select as important, helping you filter out all of the noise from your connected world.